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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 8651869 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTg2NTE4Njk= 0.6 master csvs-to-sqlite 0.6 0 9599 0 2017-11-24T23:12:10Z 2017-11-24T23:16:45Z [] ## SQLite full-text search support - Added `--fts` option for setting up SQLite full-text search. The `--fts` option will create a corresponding SQLite FTS virtual table, using the best available version of the FTS module. Usage: csvs-to-sqlite my-csv.csv output.db -f column1 -f column2 Example generated with this option: Example search:*+from+Street_Tree_List+where+rowid+in+%28select+rowid+from+Street_Tree_List_fts+where+Street_Tree_List_fts+match+%27grove+london+dpw%27%29%0D%0A Will be used in - `--fts` and `--extract-column` now cooperate. If you extract a column and then specify that same column in the `--fts` list, `csvs-to-sqlite` now uses the original value of that column in the index. Example using CSV from csvs-to-sqlite Street_Tree_List.csv trees-fts.db \ -c qLegalStatus -c qSpecies -c qSiteInfo \ -c PlantType -c qCaretaker -c qCareAssistant \ -f qLegalStatus -f qSpecies -f qAddress \ -f qSiteInfo -f PlantType -f qCaretaker \ -f qCareAssistant -f PermitNotes Closes #9 - Handle column names with spaces in them. - Added `csvs-to-sqlite --version` option. Using 110509816
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