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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 18320205 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTE4MzIwMjA1 1.0 master 1.0 0 9599 0 2019-07-01T01:23:17Z 2019-07-01T01:32:47Z [] See the [README]( for full usage instructions. * Instead of using `--connection` the connection string is now a required positional argument, #14 * `--sql` must now be accompanied by `--output` specifying the table the query results should be written to * `--redact tablename columnname` option can be used to redact values, #2 * Foreign keys are now created with indexes, use `--no-index-fks` to disable this, #12 * `--table` can now be used multiple times, #6 * README and `--help` now include example connection strings * README also details how this can be used with Heroku Postgres 166159072
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