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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 17450414 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTE3NDUwNDE0 0.28 master Datasette 0.28 0 9599 0 2019-05-19T21:37:49Z 2019-05-19T21:42:28Z [] [Datasette 0.28]( - a salmagundi of new features! * No longer immutable! Datasette now supports [databases that change]( * [Faceting improvements]( including facet-by-JSON-array and the ability to define custom faceting using plugins. * [datasette publish cloudrun]( lets you publish databasese to Google's new Cloud Run hosting service. * New [register_output_renderer]( plugin hook for adding custom output extensions to Datasette in addition to the default `.json` and `.csv`. * Dozens of other smaller features and tweaks - see [the release notes]( for full details. 107914493
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