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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 11087850 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTExMDg3ODUw 0.22 master Datasette 0.22: Datasette Facets 0 9599 0 2018-05-20T23:41:47Z 2018-05-20T23:44:19Z [] The big new feature in this release is [facets]( Datasette can now apply faceted browse to any column in any table. It will also suggest possible facets. See the [Datasette Facets]( announcement post for more details. In addition to the work on facets: - Added [docs for introspection endpoints]( - New `--config` option, added `--help-config`, closes #274 Removed the `--page_size=` argument to `datasette serve` in favour of: datasette serve --config default_page_size:50 mydb.db Added new help section: $ datasette --help-config Config options: default_page_size Default page size for the table view (default=100) max_returned_rows Maximum rows that can be returned from a table or custom query (default=1000) sql_time_limit_ms Time limit for a SQL query in milliseconds (default=1000) default_facet_size Number of values to return for requested facets (default=30) facet_time_limit_ms Time limit for calculating a requested facet (default=200) facet_suggest_time_limit_ms Time limit for calculating a suggested facet (default=50) - Only apply responsive table styles to `.rows-and-column` Otherwise they interfere with tables in the description, e.g. on - Refactored views into new `views/` modules, refs #256 - [Documentation for SQLite full-text search]( support, closes #253 - `/-/versions` now includes SQLite `fts_versions`, closes #252 107914493
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