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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 10547491 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTEwNTQ3NDkx 0.18 master Datasette 0.18: units 0 9599 0 2018-04-14T15:36:10Z 2018-04-14T15:45:11Z [] This release introduces [support for units](, contributed by Russ Garrett ([\#203]( You can now optionally specify the units for specific columns using `metadata.json`. Once specified, units will be displayed in the HTML view of your table. They also become available for use in filters - if a column is configured with a unit of distance, you can request all rows where that column is less than 50 meters or more than 20 feet [for example]( - Link foreign keys which don't have labels. \[Russ Garrett\] This renders unlabeled FKs as simple links. Also includes bonus fixes for two minor issues: - In foreign key link hrefs the primary key was escaped using HTML escaping rather than URL escaping. This broke some non-integer PKs. - Print tracebacks to console when handling 500 errors. - Fix SQLite error when loading rows with no incoming FKs. \[Russ Garrett\] This fixes `ERROR: conn=<sqlite3.Connection object at 0x10bbb9f10>, sql = 'select ', params = {'id': '1'}` caused by an invalid query when loading incoming FKs. The error was ignored due to async but it still got printed to the console. - Allow custom units to be registered with Pint. \[Russ Garrett\] - Support units in filters. \[Russ Garrett\] - Tidy up units support. \[Russ Garrett\] - Add units to exported JSON - Units key in metadata skeleton - Docs - Initial units support. \[Russ Garrett\] Add support for specifying units for a column in `metadata.json` and rendering them on display using [pint]( 107914493
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