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html_url id node_id tag_name target_commitish name draft author prerelease created_at published_at assets body repo 10458641 MDc6UmVsZWFzZTEwNDU4NjQx 0.15 master Datasette 0.15: sort by column 0 9599 0 2018-04-09T15:48:24Z 2018-04-09T15:55:29Z [] The biggest new feature in this release is the ability to sort by column. On the table page the column headers can now be clicked to apply sort (or descending sort), or you can specify `?_sort=column` or `?_sort_desc=column` directly in the URL. You can try this feature out on [this fivethirtyeight data]( about the ages of different US politicians. - `table_rows` =\> `table_rows_count`, `filtered_table_rows` =\> `filtered_table_rows_count` Renamed properties. Closes [\#194]( - New `sortable_columns` option in `metadata.json` to control sort options. You can now explicitly set which columns in a table can be used for sorting using the `_sort` and `_sort_desc` arguments using `metadata.json`: { "databases": { "database1": { "tables": { "example_table": { "sortable_columns": [ "height", "weight" ] } } } } } Refs [\#189]( - Column headers now link to sort/desc sort - refs [\#189]( - `_sort` and `_sort_desc` parameters for table views Allows for paginated sorted results based on a specified column. Refs [\#189]( - Total row count now correct even if `_next` applied - Use .custom\_sql() for \_group\_count implementation (refs [\#150]( - Make HTML title more readable in query template ([\#180]( \[Ryan Pitts\] - New `?_shape=objects/object/lists` param for JSON API ([\#192]( New `_shape=` parameter replacing old `.jsono` extension Now instead of this: /database/table.jsono We use the `_shape` parameter like this: /database/table.json?_shape=objects Also introduced a new `_shape` called `object` which looks like this: /database/table.json?_shape=object Returning an object for the rows key: ... "rows": { "pk1": { ... }, "pk2": { ... } } Refs [\#122]( - Utility for writing test database fixtures to a .db file `python tests/ /tmp/hello.db` This is useful for making a SQLite database of the test fixtures for interactive exploration. - Compound primary key `_next=` now plays well with extra filters Closes [\#190]( - Fixed bug with keyset pagination over compound primary keys Refs [\#190]( - Database/Table views inherit `source/license/source_url/license_url` metadata If you set the `source_url/license_url/source/license` fields in your root metadata those values will now be inherited all the way down to the database and table templates. The `title/description` are NOT inherited. Also added unit tests for the HTML generated by the metadata. Refs [\#185]( - Add metadata, if it exists, to heroku temp dir ([\#178]( \[Tony Hirst\] - Initial documentation for pagination - Broke up test\_app into test\_api and test\_html - Fixed bug with .json path regular expression I had a table called `geojson` and it caused an exception because the regex was matching `.json` and not `\.json` - Deploy to Heroku with Python 3.6.3 107914493
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